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Reignite that artistic spark!

"I wish I could draw"        "I'm not creative"        "I wasn't any good at art in school" 

"I don't know where to start"     "I used to love making stuff when I was little"

We are all creative!


When I tell people I'm an artist I get so many of the same responses. All of us loved to make things, paint, draw and play when we were kids, but it seems that many of us lost that passion somewhere along the way. Afraid of not getting it right, taught to pass exams, or that making art is frivolous, not a real job and something that's not for grown-ups. When I go to places, festivals or days out and see the arts and crafts table for kids I think, great, but can't adults join in? 

I want to change that

I'm running a series of courses to give you a creative breath of fresh air and to reignite that artistic spark! I believe everyone is creative and I want to help you to access your creative power and to encourage your artistic side to shine and flourish. By sharing techniques that have helped me on my own journey, I hope to encourage you to explore that side of your self and to give you time to yourself to play without worrying about the 'perfect' result.


Learning art-based techniques and skills can help you to expand in other areas of your life, it can help you to relax, to express yourself and, most importantly, it's loads of fun!  

What will the sessions be like?



The workshops will be relaxed and supportive, with absolutely no pressure on creating perfect artworks. The focus will be on

building your skills, getting creative and having fun. We'll learn techniques to help you to express yourself in a creative way

and we'll also take a look at some of the barriers to creation and share ideas for how to nurture a regular creative practice.


See what's on offer below or jump straight to the special offer!

What's on offer?

Course details
Art journaling

Visual journalling techniques can help you to relax, to process and work on your goals, plans and dreams and take some time for yourself. Learn how to express thoughts and feelings in a visual way and build up artistic skills.

You'll learn about what art journaling is, techniques for backgrounds, adding layers and text, journal prompts and how to create a regular journaling habit. You will get your own journal to take away with you, plus many techniques that you can use at home.

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Freeing yourself with creative play

Learn art making techniques to free yourself up, have fun and relax.  During the sessions we will look at the reasons why creative play is important, then we'll get stuck in with some mark making and ink play, printing and doodling and experimenting with different ways of seeing.

These sessions will be fun, messy and will give you permission to play, as well as ideas for working with different materials, helping you to get started and to break the cycle of perfectionism in art-making.

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when the next session will be held.

The initial courses will take place in Manchester UK. If you'd like to see some courses near you, please get in touch. I love to travel and I'm keen to explore running these courses in other places too.

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