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Funny how some things never change (a reminder)

I was reminded recently of a post I wrote in 2012, 5 years ago. It seems an age ago but I found it funny that I’m still grappling with the same self doubt about my art practice! Albeit with more work, exhibitions and understanding under my belt.

Anyway, I found the list useful and it turns out that I was right about those things I thought I needed, which I found in many places. Islington Mill Art Academy, working on the Art for Wellbeing team at Cartwheel Arts, coaching with Beth Creedon, Mentoring from Mark Devereux Projects, Free for Arts fest and Doremifasolatido residency!

So for my benefit, and perhaps yours, here’s why I pursue an artistic practice, and some ideas of how to sustain it…

‘why pursue an artistic practice?’

To fulfil the desire to make/create or to not suppress the desire

To explore visual elements of the world that I find beautiful/interesting

To show people what I see – to point things out

To make sense of the world/my thoughts

To remind myself to look at the world

To explore what I think about things

To get lost in making

To connect with people through art

To use it to navigate life

To share experiences

To make beautiful/interesting things

To leave a legacy

To encourage people to think differently

To encourage people to reconsider their point of view 

‘what do I need to sustain an artistic practice?’



External inspiration


Support/ collaboration


So there it is. I might actually print it out this time.

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