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Day 3: Find the light (or the Jackdaw's escape)

A collage of two images next to each other. One shows an angular shadow on a stone lintle. The one on the right shows a small rectangular section of red brickwork lit up by the sun.

Slightly different one today, I had an idea of what I was going to try but instead ended up on a rescue mission, a Jackdaw had gotten stuck down our chimney and trapped. After lots of soot, standing silently, holding up boxes and shining torches it managed to find the light and its way out. I want to be all philosophical and like 'oh if you just look for the light, there's a way out etc.' but actually I just stuck my head in the chimney pointing a torch, it flew out towards me, I shouted Fuuuuuuck, and with much flapping and knocking stuff over (the bird, not me) Nick managed to catch it in a towel and set it free. And it flew off in the distance. So perhaps that's a better metaphor?! I captured some images of the sunlight on the fireplace whilst Nick commenced the clean up mission!

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