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Islington Mill Art Academy

I have been part of Islington Mill Art Academy (IMAA) since 2012 , IMAA is a peer-led experiment into alternative modes of art education, tailored to meet the needs of artists striving to develop their creative practice alongside day jobs. With activities based on traditional education such as crits, reading groups and residencies and more experimental activities linking up with other artist led schools, IMAA has provided me with another route to developing my art practice outside of participating in a traditional art education.


Here are a few of my recent projects completed with the Art Academy. 

2017-07-19 01.00.33 1
2017-07-19 07.34.59 1
2017-07-19 01.00.21 1
2017-07-19 01.00.12 1
A conversation through making

An experimental workshop based on the starting point of encouraging conversation through making.

An open ended card based workshop where participants were asked to explore open ended questions through a process of making. 

Some people got into it and it opened up avenues of conversations. Others became stuck and struggled with the task. It gave me some starting points for future workshops.

The Chaos before the Reforming

A project initiated by Robert Hopper on the theme of Liminality. I initially wanted to look at the importance of ritual to tradition through a liminal period but amongst the chaos I couldn't find the motivation to make this happen. 


During the last three months, as I moved to a different town and started to rebuild my home I collected detritus from the transition, pieces of history from my new house. I created an installation on the day of the install. Using the materials I collected. This was a way of sorting through the chaos and bringing order to it once again, a ritual of sorts, signifying the end of this particular liminal period.

Lisa Risbec_IMAA Publication_4
Lisa Risbec_IMAA Publication_3
Lisa Risbec_IMAA Publication_2
Lisa Risbec_IMAA Publication_1
'One day' publication

A collaborative publication led by Sara Nesteruk, asking us to respond to one particular day and also a page of a text that she had picked out.


I included notes on my practice I was making that day, a test print of a piece of work, a collage of the page I chose and a recipe that I had prepared to bring to a Potluck meal hosted by Lety who was on a residency from MoMa.


We were asked to bring a recipe that related to our identity. I chose one that my Nan had sent me to make potato cakes. 

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